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If you’re looking for a commercial pool contractor in your area, we invite you to contact the professionals at Cleverblu LLC. Offering the region's most comprehensive commercial pool services, we’re here to adjust chemical values, backwash pool filters, and brush the grit away from your valuable pool surfaces.

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Taking Care of Pools

Pools come in all sizes, but every pool has one thing in common: they require a lot of maintenance. No one likes to swim in a pool filled with murky water, so pool owners need to make sure that filters work as intended, the pumps are free of issues, and the water is correctly balanced.

Thankfully, our commercial pool maintenance services are within reach of everyone in need. Over the years, we’ve tended to countless pools. We visit local pools regularly to ensure full functionality and rescue unsightly and poorly maintained pools from the brink. There’s no limit to what we can do for the pool owners in our community.

When it comes to pool maintenance, Cleverblu LLC has an unrivaled combination of customer service, skilled expertise and affordable prices. If you have a commercial pool in need of maintenance then don’t suffer in silence. The longer you leave it, the worse the problem will get. Contact our team today for a no-obligation quote or to schedule a free appointment and allow our professionals to put your mind at ease.

Description of Work

Daily Maintenance

1. Maintain daily inspection report Department of Health form DH 921, for each body of water serviced. Current and previous month reports kept in equipment room for each body of water, all others to be placed in administrative office as per DOH code. Provide weekly/monthly chemical usage report.

2. Adjust chemical values in each body of water daily.

3. Vacuum all pools, spas and fountain surfaces as required in order to maintain the highest possible level of sanitation and cleanliness.

4. Backwash filters as required by manufactures operational specifications to maintain the highest possible level of sanitation and cleanliness.

5. Degrease and acid wash filters as needed to maintain the highest possible efficiency.

6. Clean pump hair and lint traps daily.

7. Perform as needed scheduled maintenance to pump and motors, chemical feeders and related operational equipment. Maintenance to include but not limited to the lubrication of O-rings and gaskets.

8. Monitor condition and replace DE filter Grids and Spa Filter Cartridges as needed.

9. Monitor condition and replace broken Scum Grates, Main Drain Grates and Skimmer Lids as required.

10. Monitor condition and replace Safety Equipment as required.

11. Clean and brush tiles and other pool surfaces as required in order to maintain the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation.

12. Ensure that all filter and pump enclosures are kept neat. Chemical must be stored in appropriate container as per manufacture storage requirements. Remove all waste and materials associated with the operation of pool & spa service.

13. Emergency Service to be provided 24/7. Response time to emergency situations is to be 4 hours or less from time of notification.

All of our technicians are.

  • Drug Tested.
  • Fully insured.
  • Background Checked.
  • CPO certified "certified pool and spa operators".
  • Have at least 3 years of experience.
  • Uniformed.

Pool Care and Customer Service

Alongside our sought-after pool maintenance services comes the added benefit of quality customer service. From the moment you contact us to the moment we conclude work on your pool, we promise nothing less than top-tier, client-centered service.

If your pool has any unique needs or sees a heavy amount of traffic that requires extra care, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We specialize in maintaining clear waters and grime-free surfaces, so let us know what we need to do to keep your pool in top condition.

Quick Turnarounds on Pool Maintenance

Lots of people look forward to using your public or private pool. You don’t want to close the pool for too long, and neither do we. Our years of experience allow us to carry out our duties with proficiency and speed, ensuring you never have to restrict access to your facility for long.

The pools we clean are community hubs and spaces for all sorts of activities. Our efficient pool care approach will ensure they remain safe and functional for every swimmer.

Routine Maintenance Services Available

The best way to fend off unexpected pool troubles and closures is to invest in regular pool care services. Routine maintenance and cleaning visits from our team ensure that no problem will ever go unnoticed. We identify and correct minor issues before they unfurl into more significant problems, saving you money and a lot of unnecessary stress.

Great Rates on Pool Services

We’ve designed our business with our clients in mind. We don’t overspend on frivolous items, and we never ask the clients to shoulder the burden of fluctuating business expenses. We run a streamlined and efficient business to benefit you and everyone in the community. This allows us to keep our rates as competitive as can be.

How could you go wrong between our transparent business practices and competitively priced services? We’re confident you’ll love our approach to commercial pool care and customer service.

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Is it time to invest in commercial pool services? We will have your pool fully enjoyable and looking its best in no time. Call us today for the professional touch you can trust. We are looking forward to hearing from you.